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Apple returns to playing with the Depth Control feature in commercials of the XS / XR iPhones

Apple is not saving on the production of new commercials for the iPhones XS, XS Max and XR: only this month, Apple served two [1, 2] that highlight the Depth Control feature of new devices.

Following this line, the company released a new commercial yesterday that goes back to playing with the effect control feature bokeh.

Called “Alejandro”, the new video shows a man looking at a photo of his girlfriend / wife in which her co-worker appears in the background. She then seems to be amused by the fact and he becomes suspicious, deciding to blur Alejandro from the image using the Depth Control.

Check out:

Depth Control – Alejandro

Depth Control on iPhone XS and iPhone XR allows you to adjust the depth of field before or after you shoot. Thus, you can blur who is in the background so that your portraits are perfect.

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Last week, Apple shared its traditional commercials / tutorials that help users understand / perform various actions on their iPhones. Now, the company has published even more tips that teach you how to cut a video and how to record it in Time-Lapse, how to shoot using the Rule of Thirds and how to work better with lights and shadows.

See them below:

How to shoot a video Time-Lapse on iPhone

Learn how to compress time on your videos. Just switch to the Time-Lapse and speed things up a little bit.

How to shoot using the Rule of Thirds on iPhone

Discover the benefit of using the grid. It helps you to frame and compose any photo in a surprisingly powerful way.

How to crop a video on iPhone

Trim your video for the best time. Learn how to easily edit what doesn’t help tell the story.

How to shoot with light and shadow on iPhone

Take a more expressive approach. Compose with strong light and shadow and adjust the exposure for a dramatic new look.

What did you think of the commercial (s) / tutorials? ?

iPhone XS standing

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