Apple returns to invest in chips

Apple with record sales

Apple bought processor maker Intrinsity in what is its second acquisition in this area in two years.

The terms of the deal have not been revealed, but analysts estimate the acquisition to be around $ 121 million. The figure is below the 278 million dollars spent by PA Semi two years ago.

The purchase rumors emerged earlier this month, when Intrinsity employees updated their pages on the LinkedIn social network, indicating Apple as a new employer.

The deal, reported by The New York Times, comes at a time when Steve Jobs’ company appears to be aiming to launch faster devices with tailor-made components.

According to the newspaper, Intrinsity is the company that helped to design the A4, the processor used in the tablet iPad.

The purchase indicates that Apple may be trying to create its own processors for its new devices, a strategy that contrasts with the decision four years ago to acquire the chips for computers to Intel.