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Apple Resumes – For Close – the World's Most Valuable Company Title [atualizado: virou de novo]

At the beginning of the month, Apple ranked second among the most valuable companies in the world (after quite a while in the third), behind only Microsoft. Yesterday, she momentarily passed (during the nail) the company run by Satya Nadella, but ended up closing the day in the same position she was. Today the game has turned.


Apple shares closed the day at $ 191.05, down 2.07%. Microsoft papers, however, were down 2.64% and closed the day at $ 117.05. With this scenario, Apple is now worth $ 900.9 billion, while Microsoft is valued at $ 898 billion, a small difference in terms of two giants.


Amazon continues to rank third, worth $ 866.9 billion, while Alphabet closes Top 4 with an estimated market value of $ 839.8 billion.

Will Apple's special event, which take place next Monday (25/3), give a new gs at $ AAPL to the point that the company will resume the post with some slack? We'll see!

Update by Rafael Fischmann 3/25/2019 19:13

Because Apple was just a little ahead of Microsoft on Friday, today just a little change was enough to turn things around again. And that's what happened.

Microsoft ($ MSFT) rose 0.52% to close at $ 117.66 at the close $ 902.7 billion. Already Apple ($ AAPL) fell -1.21% and is now quoted at $ 188.74 with an estimated market value of $ 890 billion.