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Apple Restructures to Meet Expansion Demands

Apple's latest fiscal results have shown breakthrough growth in the category. Serviceswhich includes some very popular Ma catalog items like iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Pay. The expressiveness of this category also affected Apple's internal organization, which had to prepare for this ?new era?.

O Wall street journal published a report on how Cupertino's recent comings and goings (hires, exits and promotions) "shook" the company's employees and caused some projects to be embargoed while others became a priority.

More recently, a major change in Ma's leadership has involved leaving Angela Ahrendts, then head of retail, and the promotion of up to then vice president of people, Deirdre OBrien. According to WSJOBrien "focus on completing the Ahrendts-initiated Apple store upgrades and determining how Apple promotes its in-store services."

Last year, the formerGoogler John Giannandrea He was also promoted to the post of Senior Vice President of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Strategies; At the beginning of this month, Giannandrea decided to transfer the Siri chief then, Bill stasior, to a lower position in the company, according to WSJ. According to the report, Giannandrea is focusing on "improving Siri's accuracy and performance."

In addition to leading its products and services, Apple has also redistributed around 200 employees involved with the product overnight. Titan Project. To WSJ, many of Ma's engineering resources have been shifted to focus on services, primarily for its prosperous streaming of videos.

The main reasons for the changes vary by division. But collectively, they reflect Apple's efforts to transition from an iPhone-driven company to one where growth flows from potentially transformative services and technologies.

In fact, this year will be quite hectic for Apple's Services industry; Next month, the company is expected to present its new news service, followed by the infamous ?Apple Video? and a possible platform for streaming of games (this, it is rumored, still far from reality).

via 9to5Mac