Apple Research gains support for AirPods Pro for hearing studies; Affinity suite is updated

Apple Research gains support for AirPods Pro for hearing studies;  Affinity suite is updated

And here we are again to talk about the most important recent updates from the App Store! Shall we take a look at them?

Apple Research

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Apple Research

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Version 1.4 (69.1 MB) Requires iOS 13.2 or higher?? Not available on the Brazilian App Store!

Last November, we talked here about the Apple Research, Apple’s new app designed to bring together the company’s health research and make it easier for users to sign up for initiatives; so far, it is only available in the United States, but the news keeps coming.

In the recently released version 1.1.2, the application gained support for AirPods Pro for users enrolled in the hearing study – designed to analyze the impact of sound exposure on users’ hearing abilities and stress levels. Until recently, only ordinary AirPods could be used in the study; now, the most expensive version of the headphones is also inside.

The new version of Apple Research also brings improvements in support for VoiceOver and improved battery consumption in watchOS. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store – but only in the US, of course.

Serif Labs apps

Affinity Photo app icon

Affinity Photo app icon

Affinity Designer app icon

Affinity Designer app icon

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Meanwhile, Serif Labs’s three apps – Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher – gained news on both macOS and iPadOS. In common for all three, we now have template support: you can save documents (in the cloud, inclusive) as template files to reuse them indefinitely in the suite’s apps, saving time. In addition, on the Mac we have a unified toolbar, with instant transition between apps if you have more than one open at the same time.

Affinity Photo, in particular, gained support for smart objects in PSD files, as well as improvements to brushes and a new image panel stock. Affinity Designer won a new metadata editing screen and improved support for Canon cameras’ plugins and CR3 RAW format. Affinity Publisher is now able to import InDesign IDML files, and allows you to combine files and live check Preflight notices.

Other new features include an updated Pantone color library, addition of standard Mac shortcuts in applications for macOS, and more.


Netflix app icon

Finally, a new feature in Netflix apps will help users find the most popular movies and series on the platform: a list of 10 most popular content the platform that day.

This is a significant new feature for the service, which has always avoided releasing statistics and figures related to its programming. Still, it is worth noting that the lists of «Top 10» from Netflix will not provide accurate information – the positions on the list will depend on the relevance of the films and series to you (or at least the judgment of the algorithm).

Popularity lists are already being introduced in Netflix applications on all platforms, as well as on the web service client.