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Apple Reports First Reduction in Its Autonomous Car Fleet

Since Apple began reporting to the California Department of Vehicles as a must, its fleet of autonomous cars running around the state has only grown: the last time we reported news, almost a year ago, the company had 55 test vehicles. in the streets. The numbers kept rising, but now they seem to have found a limit.

As reported MacReports, Ma reported in its most recent report sent to the Californian DMV that it had 69 cars roaming the streets of the state with 110 drivers assigned to this task. The numbers were low compared to the last document, published in March, when the company reported having 72 vehicles and 144 drivers on the roads.

This is the first time Apple has reported a drop in its number of autonomous vehicles, but Apple remains third in fleet size in California. THE General motors with 163 vehicles and 989 drivers, while the Waymo, by Google, comes in second place with 125 cars and 368 drivers.

As suggested by Cult of Mac, the reduction does not necessarily mean that Ma is slowing down "Project Titan" plans. Of course, recent reports indicate that the company has made a number of layoffs in the car system team, but Apple's fleet shrink may be caused by simply withdrawing some of the technical adjustment vehicles or something.

Anyway, we should pay attention to the following reports: if Apple continues to report reductions in the fleet, there may be some cost in this angu. Otherwise, follow the game.