Detalhe da tela e dos cantos curvos do iPhone X

Apple reportedly will adopt OLED on three next year iPhones

Detalhe da tela e dos cantos curvos do iPhone X

Since last year, we have been hearing about the possible launch of three models of iPhones for this year: two with OLED screen (of 5.8 and 6.5 inches) and another of 6.1 inches with LCD screen. The latter would be the cheapest option, since it adopts a technology used for many years and with several suppliers on the market.

This rumor was not even realized and we already have another one, referring to 2019: according to Korean Electronic Times [Google Tradutor], Apple will completely get rid of the LCD model next year by launching three with OLED screens.

«Apple recently started planning the iPhone model in 2019 and decided to adopt OLED on all three models,» said an Apple employee.

The rumor is not so strange if we analyze the fact that, at some point, the Apple will abandon the older technology and focus on the best and newest. However, as the company has, for now, only one supplier of OLED screens – Samsung Display – and it is already difficult to maintain demand for a single model, it will be very difficult to meet triple demand (with three models) in a period of just a year.

However, since this path seems obvious, other supplier (s) may be preparing for this exchange. As «proof» of this, it was announced last year that LG Display and Sharp are already in line to purchase machines that manufacture OLED screens. The Apple, knowing this, may already be anticipating.

Currently, the suppliers of LCD screens to Apple are Japan Display and Sharp. According to the Reuters, just due to the appearance of this rumor today, JDI’s shares fell 20%, and the Bloomberg also reported that Sharp’s fell 4%.

Apparently, JDI also plans to start manufacturing OLED screens, but only in 2019. We still don’t know where the rumor of a new type of LCD, the Full Active (which is supposed to be on an equal footing with OLED technology), fits. ), that JDI is supposed to be focusing for this year and, since it is a type of investment, for the following years.

In addition to all this history of three models with OLED, the Korean website still states that «if there are more than three new models, an LCD model can be maintained». I mean, an iPhone SE? Or another? Will we see four models in 2019? Everything is a mystery now and we will only really know the truth when the devices are announced – or when more rumors arise, which will certainly not be lacking until next year.

via MacRumors