Apple reportedly making a documentary with rapper Drake’s record label

Apple reportedly making a documentary with rapper Drake's record label

It seems that Apple is really investing heavily in producing exclusive content for the Apple Music. In addition to ?Planet of the Apps?, one reality show already being produced, a series of videos from the ?Carpool Karaoke? and also the mini series «Vital Signs»starring Dr. Dre.

The news of the time that Ma would be on a quest to strengthen her partnership with the record company Cash Money Records, whose most notable names are Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, all of which are already exclusive to Apple.

The label’s co-founder, Bryan Williams (called ?Birdman?), posted a photo on his Instagram profile next to the person in charge of Apple Music, Larry Jackson, with the caption ?Cash Money makes a powerful move with @applemusic #GrandesNegcios?.

The website Music Business Worldwide then he published that the reason behind the comment would be an agreement made between the label and the company which would guarantee all his albums exclusively. However, shortly afterwards, the story was updated suggesting that, in fact, they would be working on an exclusive documentary about «Birdman» and Cash Money.


For some unknown reason, after the repercussion of that photo, ?Birdman? edited the caption, leaving only the link to the original article of the MBW.

Sources of Bloomberg they also confirmed the documentary, although there are no further details about it.