Apple reportedly invested $ 8.4 billion in LG Display OLED screens to power future iPhones

The so-called “iPhone 8” is supposed to bring as one of its novelties a OLED screen, which rumors indicate would be supplied only by Samsung, which owns 95% of this market. Precisely for this reason, it is believed that the initial stock of the new handset is quite limited.

However, as we well know, Apple does not like to rely on just one vendor. In order to improve on this aspect for at least the next few years, she is already guarding herself as best she can.

First, some sources claimed that Ma had acquired its own machines to make the screens. Now according to the Korea Economic Daily (via The Investor), Apple would have invested 3 trillion won $ 8.4 billion) on OLED screens of LG Display.

This represents an advance payment for the monthly output of 45,000 6.5-generation OLED display units, which will equip Ma handsets from 2019. So, by the amount, LG is likely to create a production line dedicated solely to iPhones requests.

With this investment, Apple continues its longstanding relationship with LG, which is one of its suppliers of LCD screens, present in today's handsets. And since this is just the beginning, surely Ma will help LG Display in a market that today is dominated by Samsung.

via 9to5Mac