Apple reopens 11 more stores in China; SoNo Collection opens in the USA

Apple Store na China

Some Apple Stores in China reopened today (February 19), in “special” business hours, after a closed period due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.

Among the units that have reopened is Apple MixC Qingdao, which was the first to be closed due to the epidemic.

The 11 stores, listed below, will operate from 11am to 6pm or of 12:00 to 18:00 (local time) until further notice, as noted by the iMore:

Guangzhou (Guangdong)





Apple has reopened all five stores in the Beijing last week, as well as Nanjing East Road in Shanghai – all are also operating during limited hours. There is still no information on when the other Apple Stores in mainland China will reopen; this, of course, will depend on the containment of the disease in these regions.

Apple SoNo Collection

Meanwhile, back in the West, the last week opened for Apple: as expected, the Apple SoNo Collection opened on February 15 at the eponymous shopping center in Norwalk, Connecticut (United States).

With the opening, Apple ended its activities at the Stamford Town Center, and all customers in the region will now be served only at the SoNo Collection.

The store features Apple’s new retail design, and includes something even more recent than Video Wall: a Apple Arcade Avenue, a new showcase (introduced earlier this year) dedicated for customers to purchase accessories / controls compatible with Apple Arcade games.

Of the seven Apple Stores in Connecticut, the Apple SoNo Collection is the third to include Today at Apple and the second to have the interior redesigned, followed by the Apple Danbury Fair Mall.

via 9to5Mac