Apple rents building in San Jose right next to Apple Park

Triangle Building

Apple rented all six floors of a building called “The Triangle Building” in San Jose, just over 3 kilometers from Apple Park (Cupertino, United States). The information is Mercury News.

The building is located at 5,300 Stevens Creek Blvd. and it was originally built in 1981. It has about 7,900 square meters and, according to the publication, a series of works are already in progress; in addition, the Apple placed several facades with its logo around the construction.

The company had already rented part of the building in 2012, when it signed an agreement that gave the company the option of leaving the site before the agreement ended; however, new information suggests that the company «has not worked continuously on the building over the years».

The company began expanding its presence around Apple Park last year, when it rented another office space in a complex located opposite the Triangle Building. In fact, the company owns and leases several properties in and around San Francisco Bay, including campuses (Apple Park and Infinite Loop) in Cupertino.

As in other locations, the company is expected to create new offices in the recently rented building, further expanding its expressiveness in the city.

via 9to5Mac