Apple renews ¬ęDickinson¬Ľ, ¬ęSee¬Ľ and ¬ęThe Morning Show¬Ľ for new seasons

Apple renews "Dickinson", "See" and "The Morning Show" for new seasons

At this point, it is likely that thousands (if not millions) of users have already watched any of the series Apple TV +, in addition to having chosen their favorite titles. In order not to leave anxious viewers waiting, Apple has been publicizing which productions (and stories) will continue in a second season.

Last month, for example, the deadline had conveyed the information that ¬ęFor All Mankind¬Ľ it would be renewed, in addition to suggesting that other major service debut titles would win their respective sequels; now the Variety confirmed: ¬ęDickinson¬Ľ, ¬ęSee¬Ľ and ¬ęThe Morning Show¬Ľ were also renewed to the second seasons.

Apple has not provided details on how many people have signed up for the service or how many views their series have received so far. A source of Variety he said, however, that those responsible for the service were impressed with the activity of the platform in the first three days of launch, reaching millions of people.

In addition, the initial Apple TV + figures indicated that most viewers who watched an episode of some of the debut series (¬ęDickinson¬Ľ, ¬ęFor All Mankind¬Ľ, ¬ęSee¬Ľ and ¬ęThe Morning Show¬Ľ) watched at least two (of the three) episodes available ‚Äď except ¬ęDickinson¬Ľ, which had all episodes of the first season released.

It is worth remembering that today, as predicted, Apple launched new episodes of ¬ęFor All Mankind¬Ľ, ¬ęSee¬Ľ, ¬ęThe Morning Show¬Ľ ¬ęHelpsters¬Ľ, ‚ÄúSnoppy in Space‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúThe Phantom Writer‚ÄĚ.

Creation of ¬ęSee¬Ľ

Apple yesterday released a featurette one of his biggest debut productions, the series ¬ęSee¬Ľ, starred by Jason Momoa (‚ÄúAquaman‚ÄĚ).

In the video, director Francis Lawrence talks about how buildings and environments were constructed for production and says that the entire team was accompanied by a group of blind people, who provided instructions on everything from how the series would be environmentalized to how people would live and interact.

The cast and crew members of the original Apple series ¬ęSee¬Ľ discuss the creation of the epic world of production.

It may be that the budget for ¬ęSee¬Ľ it was not all that we imagined, but that this is a series with very high costs, there is no denying it.

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