Apple removes more than 700 apps from the Chinese App Store

Tim Cook em evento da Apple com a bandeira da China ao fundo

Continuing cleaning in the App Store Chinese, Apple removed about 718 applications in your store that did not comply with company guidelines – some of them from major companies, such as Sogou (search engine alternative to Google in the country).

According to The Telegraph, Apple removed these applications after developers published updates without going through the company’s verification system (which must approve changes to the changelog software) to verify that the updates are legitimate and trouble-free. The news was released the day after a developer shared “tricks” applied to the App Store, some (well) malicious.

This question is not specific to the Chinese App Store; in 2017, Apple banned developers from using SDKs that allowed them to change application code remotely, without having to submit a new build to Apple.

In addition to the Sogou search engine, the shared commerce platform application Pinduoduo (similar to Groupon in Brazil) was also removed from the Apple store in China.

As we said, this is not the first time that iOS apps have been “cleaned up”: last July several VPN apps were removed from the store, and a month later, more than 25,000 illegal gaming apps were banned from the App Chinese Store.

via AppleInsider