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Apple releases trailer for “The Banker”; Apple TV + streaming quality is praised

We already know that, when it comes to movies, Apple will adopt a more traditional strategy than competitors like Netflix in the debut of the productions. We also know that “The Banker” it will be one of the first fictional feature films to debut under the banner of the Apple. Now, the film has won its first trailer.

Written and directed by George Nolfi, the drama will tell the real story of two American entrepreneurs (Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie) who overcame Texas’ racial limitations in the 1950s and built a financial empire – all with the help of a white boy (Nicholas Hoult) who posed as head of operations.

Check out the trailer below:

“The Banker” will make a limited debut (that is, a reduced number of theaters) in American theaters on the 21st – just in time to compete for the main awards of 2020, such as the Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards. It will be available on Apple TV + from January 31 of next year.

Promising, isn’t it?

Slow Marketing

Trailers may be arriving fast, but that doesn’t mean Apple’s investments in marketing of your series and films is in full swing: a report from New York Times on the subject, it even suggests the opposite.

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Citing data from iSpot.TV, the article states that Apple spent $ 19.9 million in TV commercials for their original productions during the month of October; in the same period, $ 28.6 million was invested in television advertising for iPhones. The same thing happened on the internet: there were 139 unique ads for Apple TV + in October, with an investment of $ 1.7 million; the iPhone yielded 245 unique ads, with an investment of $ 2.3 million.

It is worth noting that both products (Apple TV + and iPhone) had important moments in October: while the service was on the eve of being launched, the smartphone line had just gained its newest members. That is, both were on an equal footing in terms of “importance” to Apple – and, even though the iPhone (still) is the biggest revenue provider for the company, Apple TV + is part of the larger strategy of transition to services currently underway in Cupertino.

In September, on the other hand, spending on Apple TV + was higher, at least online – it was US $ 3.8 million with the streaming, and $ 2.4 million with the iPhone.

According to the NYT, Apple’s advertising strategy with its original productions has been much more “skimpy” than that adopted by Disney +, but that may have a reason: while the Mickey Mouse platform will debut with an enormous amount of available content, Apple TV + enters the scene with few films and series in its catalog. In other words, everything could change over the next year – we will have to see.

Quality testing

Finally, it’s time to find out how Apple TV + behaves when it comes to streaming. And the website creator FlatpanelsHD.com, Rasmus Larsen, has great news: apparently, the Apple platform has the best service – in that sense – of the category.

According to the tester, Apple TV + streams in 4K are of a higher quality than content purchased from the iTunes Store. THE bitrate of films and series on the Apple platform is between 1.5x and 2x higher than a standard Blu-ray disc – and represents about 50% of the bitrate of an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc.

In specific tests, Larsen identified that “See” was the series with the best performance, with a bitrate average of 29Mb / s and 41Mb / s peak. The documentary “The Elephant Queen” it got 26Mb / s, on average, as well as most of the remaining series and films. For comparison, the bitrate Netflix’s maximum for 4K broadcasts is 16Mb / s.

So… good news, isn’t it?

via iClarified, 9to5Mac, iPhone in Canada