Apple releases the first iPhone XS commercial [atualizado: mais um]

On the same day that the pre-sale of the iPhones XS and XS Max, Apple has just released their first television commercial.

Welcome to big screens. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Super Retina in two sizes including the largest screen ever placed on an iPhone. Advanced Face ID. The smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone. A revolutionary dual camera system. Fast wireless charging. LTE Gigabit level. And a new level of water resistance.

In a minute, she quickly highlights all the news of the new generation of the iPhone that, as we have been following for the past two days, did not excite many people (apart from those who expected an iPhone X with screen) ā€œPlus-sizeā€). We even discussed this a lot on our podcast # 292, which will go live later today.

Oh, just to not lose the habit: #goldisbest šŸ˜

Update by Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro 09/15/2018 s 16:33

Apple has just released another commercial for iPhones XS / XS Max on your YouTube channel. As in the advertisement launched yesterday, Ma praises the screen of the new devices and, as she calls herself, the ā€œillusionā€ provided by the larger displays.

Welcome to the big screens. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Does anyone still doubt that #goldisbest?