Apple Releases Supplemental Updates for New MacBook Air and iPhone XR

If you loved the new MacBook Air And already put his hands in one (out there, since here in Brazil he is still unavailable), you must have realized that it comes with macOS Mojave 10.14.1 factory installed. Still, Apple has released a new version of its specific system called macOS Mojave 10.14.1 Supplemental Update for MacBook Air (2018).

macOS Mojave 10.14.1 Supplemental Update for MacBook Air (2018)

Details of the 1.46GB upgrade have not been specified, but it “improves the stability and reliability of MacBook Air (2018) computers and is recommended for all users.

Recalling that now, in macOS Mojave, system updates are no longer made by the Mac App Store, but by the Software Update section, which is within System Preferences. 😉

Update for iPhone XR

In addition to the above update, another Apple device that has a new version of an operating system to call its own iPhone XR.

Yellow iPhone Xr Front and Back

The new compilation of iOS 12.1 (16B94) specific to Ma's 6.1 inch smartphone was made available one week after the release of the conventional version for all devices (identified by build 16B93).

It is worth noting that the update should not appear to anyone who has already installed the first version of iOS 12.1 ie it should fix things not so important as the company has not forced everyone to install the update.

For those who haven't updated it, just go to General Settings Software Update and follow the onscreen instructions; If you prefer to install manually, simply download the IPSW file here.

via OS X Daily, MacRumors