Apple releases second beta versions of iOS / iPadOS 13.2 and tvOS 13.2; third of watchOS 6.1 [atualizado 3x]

Apple releases second beta versions of iOS / iPadOS 13.2 and tvOS 13.2;  third of watchOS 6.1 [atualizado 3x]

Testing has to continue – and so Apple continues to cycle through beta versions of its operating systems. Today, Apple released three updates of this type: we have the second test versions of iOS / iPadOS 13.2 (build 17B5068e) and the tvOS 13.2 (17K5068b), as well as the third beta of watchOS 6.1 (17S5068e).

There is no news if these new betas, specifically, bring news in relation to those previously released – as the developers test the systems, possible changes will come (and we, of course, will be aware). Anyway, this article has several details about iOS 13.2.

For now, the new beta versions are only available to developers; in the next few hours, Apple should release public versions of tests (from iOS / iPadOS and tvOS, since watchOS does not have public betas) in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Stay tuned – and good tests!

Update Oct 10, 2019 at 14:48

And we already have the first changes detected in iOS / iPadOS 13.2 beta 2: from now on, it is possible to delete applications directly from the Haptic Touch menu (or 3D Touch, for the “older” ones).

Deleting apps is much easier on iOS 13.2 beta 2; you can do it right in the 3D Touch menu.

In addition, the new beta version of the system adds the possibility to delete recordings from Siri and exit the voice clip sharing program to improve the assistant – as promised by Apple after the controversy revealed by The Guardian. THE MacRumors brought the images of the functionality:

Deleting recordings from Siri on iOS 13.2 beta 2

As we are talking about a beta version, it is good to remember that the above features may still be eventually removed by Apple until the final release of iOS 13.2. Still, the news gives us an idea of ​​what Apple has in mind for the near future.

Update II Oct 10, 2019 at 15:12

And there’s more news: iOS / iPadOS 13.2 also brings 59 new emojis that Apple had already introduced a few months ago. We have options for all tastes, including items focused on diversity (guide dog, hearing aid, visually impaired man and woman and others), new animals (such as flamingo, sloth and skunk) and more food (such as an appetizing waffle).

And that’s not all: even in the theme of diversity, Apple further deepened the racial personalization of emojis – now, it is possible to individually choose the skin tones of each person in the couples stickers, giving an almost infinite range of options to portray you and someone special in your life. Our collaborator Vinícius Porto demonstrated the novelty on Twitter:

Cute, isn’t it?

Update III Oct 10, 2019 at 18:36

And here we are with another change (excellent, by the way) of iOS / iPadOS 13.2 beta 2: for the first time, users will be able to change the basic settings of video recording directly in the Camera app – goodbye, Settings!

It happened! Now, on iOS 13.2 beta 2, you can change the video resolution and frame rate directly in the Camera app by simply tapping the Settings icon!

How is this «pro» feature available on other iPhones or «Pro»?

The thing is not very intuitive yet, but… alive!