OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 reaches its fourth beta [atualizado]

Apple releases OS X Yosemite GM Candidate for developers [atualizado 2x]

The final version of OS X Yosemite is coming!

OS X Yosemite cone

Apple just released the OS X Yosemite GM Candidate (build 14A379a) for developers. For those who don't know, GM means "Golden Master" that is, if no relevant last-minute bug is found, this version has everything to be the final OS X 10.10, which will be distributed to all users.

In addition to it, Apple also made available Xcode 6.1 GM (build 6A1042b) and a new version of OS X Server 4.0 Developer Preview (build 14S310).

It is very likely that OS X Yosemite GM Candidate will bring some news and of course, we will publish everything here on MacMagazine.

Update · 09/30/2014 s 17:01

Apple has also released a new version of OS X Yosemite (beta 4; build 14A379b) to the public (OS X Beta Program participants) most likely identical to the GM version, since only the last letter of the build is different.

New cones

Image credit: Rene.

This supposed final version of Yosemite already brings the correction of bash released yesterday for OS X Mavericks and already shows us what the new icons for Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps will be like.

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 10/01/2014 s 10:30

The reader Ruben Dias sent us another interesting screenshot:

Pages on OS X Yosemite GM

First, we see what Pages looks like when it is upgraded to Yosemite. Numbers and Keynote, of course, should also follow that same style.

But the really cool part, observed by the reader, is in the Dock: as you can see, the Calendar icon is marking the date October 14 a Tuesday, Apple's traditional launch day. As she has even called on developers to send apps for the new operating system, it is likely that the big day will be this.

J o Guilherme Ramos detected another curious thing:

Photos on Yosemite

When accessing his bride's profile on Yosemite, there was a “broken” cone in the Dock of the new Photos app (Photos) that appeared there God knows how. The forecast is that it will be released only in 2015, but perhaps Apple is already preparing to release a beta version soon.