Apple releases new videos with Watch’s “lifesaving” stories

Apple releases new videos with Watch's “lifesaving” stories

In addition to launching watchOS 5.1.2 just now, Apple also shared new videos on its YouTube channel that highlight one of the most exalted features of Apple Watch: your health resources.

As we already know, Watch can alert users if their heart rate is elevated or below pre-defined limits at rest, a feature that was once responsible for saving the life of a young American. In addition, the cellular connection gave Apple’s smartwatch even more autonomy to make calls and send messages out of the iPhone’s reach.

These are some of the features of gadget who helped people with the videos Apple shared. In the first video, below, four testimonials show the difference that Apple Watch made in the lives of each user, while the second is about an emotional story about a young man with spastic cerebral palsy who was warned about the condition of his heart by Watch.

People come to Apple all the time to share how Apple Watch has become an indispensable part of their lives. Here are some of their stories.

As we said, four stories are told in this video; in one, a surfer who was taken out to sea was able to contact his son and the coast guard from the Apple Watch. In another statement, a family managed to trigger the medical emergency after a car accident through Siri no Watch.

The last two stories are related to the “Heart Health” feature, which helped save the lives of a young man with a serious heart condition and a man diagnosed with thrombosis. It is really chilling.

Many people turn to Apple to share how heart rate notifications on Apple Watch helped them recognize and react to serious conditions. Here’s Michael’s story.

Michael’s story is similar to the previous ones related to the “Heart Health” feature. One day, he woke up feeling unwell and his Apple Watch began to notify him of a high heart rate. After examinations, it was diagnosed that he had sepsis, a complication that triggers inflation throughout the body, which can lead to death.

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It is worth watching the videos and reflecting, even if you do not have an Apple Watch, how important it is to visit a doctor regularly. After all, our health must come first, always.