Ming-Chi Kuo changes his mind and now says Touch ID will definitely be replaced by Face ID on upcoming iPhones

Apple releases new iOS 9.2.1 build to end the infamous "Error 53"

Less than two weeks after The Guardian open a great controversy about the infamous Error 53 (which we discussed in our podcast # 168), Apple today released a new compilation (13D20) of iOS 9.2.1 designed to solve the problem. The original was 13D15.

According to TechCrunch, this collection is intended exclusively for users of iPhones and iPads that are no longer used after changing the Home button (and / or cable) flex) with Touch ID. That is, it * will * not appear to anyone who usually updates via air (over-the-air, or OTA) and those who are already running iOS 9.2.1 without problems have nothing to worry about.

Installing iOS 13.2.1 compilation iOS 9.2.1 via iTunes (via Macs or PCs), devices that stopped working after changing the button will come back to life. This Apple support article has other information about the problem.

Here are the direct links to download the new build (only for devices affected by the problem):

Although the update brings the devices back to life, their Touch ID will continue to function as there is no further verification. Apple apologizes for the inconvenience and says the previous behavior was intended only for testing at iGadgets.