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Apple releases golden Master version of tvOS 13 for developers

After an impressive 11 beta versions, it seems that the test cycle of tvOS 13 is finally finding its final chapter: Apple has just released, for developers, the version Golden master (GM) of the system, with build 17J5584a.

The GM version of a system represents the final candidate for release so that in theory everything must be ready and perfectly matched to be open to the general public. If no flaws or major instability are found, it will be exactly this version of tvOS 13 that will reach out to Apple TV owners around the world on the next 30th.

There is no information yet as to whether the GM version of tvOS 13 brings any difference from beta releases released over the last few months; If something new is found, we'll let you know here, of course. We will also return to this post when this system build is released for public testing on the Apple Beta Software Program.

Good tests!