Apple releases full trailer for “The Morning Show”; “Shantaram” gets more details

First Apple TV + series have mixed reception from expert critics

Apple had already released, in the last week, a teaser / trailer in «The Morning Show» – one of the first series to debut in the Apple TV + and certainly one of Apple’s biggest bets at the beginning of the platform, considering the talents involved. Now, we have a full trailer to rejoice.

The two-minute clip gives a few more details of the series’ history, described as a backstage dive by a US morning journalist: after the dismissal of anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) for allegations of sexual harassment, its longtime co-presenter Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) needs to deal with the hustle and bustle of reporter Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), which may not only take Kessler’s place, but Levy’s – and seems to have some secrets up its sleeve.

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Billy Crudup, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mark Duplass complete the main cast of the series, which marks the return of Aniston and Carell to television years after their most iconic roles, in «Friends» and «The Office», respectively. Apple has already ordered 20 episodes of the show, divided into two seasons, and «The Morning Show» will debut alongside Apple TV +, sometime in the autumn of the northern hemisphere.

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Meanwhile, one of Apple’s potential megaproductions has gained more details recently. I mean «Shantaram», series based on the eponymous novel by Gregory David Roberts which follows the epic saga of an Australian bank robber who runs away and becomes a powerful gangster on the streets of Mumbai, India.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the series will begin shooting in two months in the Australian state of Victoria. The filmmaker Justin Kurzel, known for its adaptation of «Assassins Creed» for the big screen, he will direct the first two episodes of the production – in total, there are 10 chapters ordered by Apple, all written by the screenwriter Eric Warren Singer («Cheating»).

There is still no information on the cast of the series, but it is known that the production will cover many countries; the novel, after all, has passages in places like the mountains of Afghanistan, the slums of Mumbai and a prison in Australia. Because of this megalomania and the philosophical inclinations of the book, in fact, «Shantaram» it has already been considered “invisible” by Hollywood, with several attempts canceled in the middle of the road – let’s see if Apple will be chosen to bring the story to the screens in the right way.

With the start of production scheduled for soon, we may see «Shantaram» on Apple TV + already in 2020 – but don’t schedule your agendas yet: a mega-production like this can take a long time until it’s finished. Let’s wait.

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