Apple releases four new iPhone X commercials, most of them focused on Face ID [atualizado: mais três]

Apple has just published four new commercials for iPhone X on your YouTube channel two 30 seconds long, two 15 seconds.

Most, obviously, focused on Face ID.

Check out:

Introducing Face ID

Introducing Face ID.

Now, your face can unlock with a glance, log into apps and authenticate payments with Apple Pay.

Opens in the Dark

IPhone X recognizes you, even in the dark.

Know When You Change

IPhone X recognizes you, even when you change your look.

Cheer up

IPhone X lets messages come to life.

Cheer up.

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Very cool, right? 😉

Update 12/11/2017 s 18:05

Three more left today, two focused on Face ID and the third on Portrait Lighting Mode.

Check out:

Opens with a look

Face ID on iPhone X features the most unforgettable magic password ever created: your face.

Fits your face

IPhone X recognizes you, even when you change.

Introducing Portrait Lighting Mode

Introducing Portrait Lighting Mode on iPhone.

Studio-quality portraits without the stadium.