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Apple Releases Four iPhones Recorded ASMR Videos

Apple has released four videos in recent days on its YouTube channel in a very popular format on the platform, ASMR. The company used iPhones for video production, with the clear intention of demonstrating their ability and also enjoying the fashion released on the internet. Although many people are passionate about how these videos are made, there are people who can't stand it, so watch out for the video below.

The productions have titles that look cooler in English, so I list them here in the original language. They are titled: Whispers from Ghost Forest, Satisfying woodshed sounds, Crunching sounds on the trail, A calm rain at camp.

The videos were made by Anson Fogel, a professional cameraman using an iPhone XS and an iPhone XS Max, as well as using undisclosed editing software and, of course, a handheld for voice recording on the first video.

ASMR stands for Meridian Sensory Response, and a sensation that occurs when we hear some kinds of sounds, as Sweet Carol explains from one of the largest channels of this type of YouTube production.

Basically, they are tingling sensations that can be felt at the top of the spine, the scalp and the base of the neck. Usually they are triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli, which explains why YouTube videos, however different, follow a certain pattern.


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Apple's marketing action seems to have been well accepted, the published videos were above the average of the previous views, reaching about 110 thousand views each, against the average of 40 thousand views of the most recent. The average of likes was also good, which may indicate that most people are not so bothered by the feeling of someone whispering in their ear.

Despite being recognized for its smartphones, Apple is also growing in other segments, such as smartwatches. In the last quarter the company presented a report that shows a 50% growth in the number of distributed devices around the world. Read the full news.

Via: CNBC Source: Apple