Apple releases final version of watchOS 6 with its own App Store, renewed Siri and much more!

Fifth beta version of watchOS 6.2.5 is released by Apple

There were nine test versions, one Golden Master, several discoveries along the way, and finally here we are: Apple recently released, along with iOS 13, the final version of watchOS 6 (build 17A575, different from the GM version) with several new features.

Below, let’s take a quick look at the changes brought about by the update, in addition to remembering the steps you must follow to update your watch. First of all, however, it’s good to note which Apple Watch models are compatible with watchOS 6 – and the good news is that if you’re running watchOS 5, you can upgrade without fear: all models that ran the previous system are able to run their new version, which means that only the The original Apple Watch (2015) is out of the game.

However, today watchOS 6 is only released for those who have Apple Watches Series 3 and 4 – owners of Apple Watches Series 1 and 2, which will also be compatible with watchOS, as we said, will have to wait a little longer (and Apple will not explained why, exactly).


Below, check out some of the main changes and news brought about by watchOS 6 – and, as usual, if you want to go into more detail, just browse our website to check all the articles about it. It is also worth remembering that some of the new features may not be available for older models; it all depends on the processing power of your specific model.

Own App Store

App Store on watchOS 6

In the most important step towards the independence of the Apple Watch, watchOS 6 brings, for the first time, its own app store for the watch. You can access it from the Watch screen, search and download applications regardless of the iPhone; the store even has special recommendation sections and is integrated with Siri, for easier searching. Speaking of which …

Siri renewed

The personal assistant has some new cards up her sleeve: you can ask her, for example, «What song is that?» so she can respond quickly – with a little help from Shazam, of course. It also provides answers to general knowledge questions (which are becoming more accurate) directly on the Apple Watch screen.

New native apps

Three already known iPhone apps have been added to watchOS: Calculator (with a built-in tipping tool), Voice recorder and the new app Sticky notes, which has been completely renovated. We also have the new app Audiobooks – but not in Brazil, yet.

New faces

WatchOS 6 includes a handful of new dials, all focused on those who like a cleaner interface: they are minimalist, analog designs, designed so that you can check the time in the shortest possible time.

For those who like more information, however, Apple has added new complications that you can add to more complex displays, such as the already famous Infographic; we have options to measure the noise of an environment (more on that below), consult the cellular signal strength (in watches with this type of connectivity), see the probability of rain or quickly start a voice recording, for example.

In addition, the update allows you to configure a vibration to be performed at the turn of each hour; it is also possible to have the watch read the time aloud simply by resting two fingers on the dial.

Trends in the watchOS 6 and iOS 13 activity app

The update also brings several new features to monitor the health and well-being of the user. Starting with Activity Trends, a tool that shows your progress over time and the evolution of your physical exercises – with this, it is possible to cross data and know if you are advancing at a healthy pace or if you need to accelerate / decelerate.

Hearing health

High volume detection on watchOS 6

WatchOS 6 also has a renewed focus on hearing health. He notices when the noise of the environment in which you are exceeds healthy levels, and warns you immediately; with the app Noise (We are), you can check the sound level of the room in decibels at any time. And the integration with hearing aids has been improved.

Menstrual monitoring

Finally, those who menstruate will have a powerful ally in the wrist after the update: with watchOS 6, it will be possible to follow the cycle more accurately, visualizing their body’s tendencies and identifying possible deficiencies, irregular periods or the need for some medical monitoring. The system integrates data collected automatically (such as heart rate and sleep) with events recorded by the person, such as flow, symptoms and anomalies.

How to install

The watchOS update process is done by the iPhone paired with the Apple Watch. Make sure the watch is charged (at least 50% battery) and, on the iPhone in question, access the Watch app; on it, go to the section My Clock »Software Update.

Software update - Apple Watch

The update will be there, available; just wait for the download and the installation process – for it to start, in fact, you need to connect the clock to the power.

Remember that you don’t have to worry about any of this if you have updates turned on automatically (which you can also do in the Watch app on the iPhone). You also don’t have to worry about backups, as the smartphone stores a backup copy of watchOS for any eventuality.

Who has finished the process, how has the experience been? Leave your impressions below and have fun!