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Apple Rehearses Doug Field, Former Head of Production at Tesla

Have you heard that "the good son the house returns"? Well, that phrase goes well with former Apple hardware engineering leader, Doug Field, who for the past five years has worked as a production manager at Tesla, as disclosed by Daring fireball. Gruber broke the news after making contact with an Apple spokesman, who ratified the information about the rehiring.

Field started at Ford as a development engineer before moving on to Segway, a company responsible for producing electric transport equipment such as the famous hoverboards and scooters where he worked as CTO and leader of the engineering team. In 2008, he left Segway and left for Apple, assuming the position of vice president of hardware engineering for the Mac. After five years at Ma, the engineer was hired by Tesla, where he oversaw and led the production of the Mac. Model 3.

Perhaps because of the rapprochement with the production and the electric car market itself, Field's return was so awaited by Ma, as the engineer's rehiring may indicate that the company still has an interest in developing electric vehicles (the so-called “Titan Project”), instead of just producing possible autonomous navigation systems, as already discussed.

When Apple started the project in 2014, more than 1,000 employees would be working on the development of an electric vehicle. Currently, despite little concrete information about its evolution, about 5,000 employees have access to information about the company's stated plan. Another major hiring for the area was announced last June Jaime Waydo, automotive expert who was at Waymo.

Although Apple has not confirmed whether Field works on the "Titan Project," that is probably their destination. When he was VP of Mac hardware, he worked closely with current Ma project boss Bob Mansfield. Now it is possible that the two will meet again to put into action the slow development of this long awaited (and speculated) car.