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Apple registers new models of Macs, iPhones and Watches in Eurasia

The end of the year is coming, and with it a (likely) club of new Apple products. Rumors speak of three new models of iPhones, the new generation of Apple Watch, the 16-inch MacBook Pro mystic, a new 10.2-inch input iPad – the list goes a long way, and Ma's latest records at Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) seem to corroborate speculation.

The records cover several product lines, including some new ones: we have, for example, mention of the new model of the iPod touch (which was released yesterday in Brazil, alis). Also on the list are some existing iPhones and Apple Watches models, which are only part of the relationship to update the organ database as soon they will start shipping with the iOS 13 it's the watchOS 6, which needs to be registered.

Amid the familiar faces, however, we have a few named codes. There are, for example, six models of Macs that we have never seen before: A2141, A2147, A2158, A2179, A2182 and A2251. Given recent rumors, it is quite possible that the codes refer to different versions of the future 16-inch MacBook Pro. Nor can you rule out speculation about a minor update on the 13-inch MacBooks Air and Pro.

Apple's Eursia Records August 2019

O Apple watch, in turn, was registered with four codes so far indicated for us mere mortals: they alone are the A2156, the A2157, the A2092 and the A2093. It seems that we are dealing with the upcoming “Series 5” of the watch perhaps in its new titanium and ceramic models, “confirmed” ahead of time in files found in watchOS 6.

Also regarding the watch, it is interesting to note that other models "re-registered" by Ma refer to the versions Series 3 and 4 from Apple Watch. That is, the company may be planning to keep the previous two generations alive with the arrival of the 2019 models, potentially creating a price ladder attractive to consumers.

Finally, several models of iPhones were also registered. None of them are new, however: even those with codes corresponding to devices we do not already know had previously been registered with Eursia, the resurgence was likely to reflect their operating system, which became iOS 13.

In any case, the ball is raised: we will see many news from Apple in the coming months. Whether they are good or bad, on the other hand, we will have to wait.

via 9to5Mac