Apple registers new Mac model in Eurasia

Apple today registered a new Mac model (identified as A2289) in the company’s database Eurasian Economic Commission. According to the specification, this Mac is portable (therefore a MacBook Air / Pro) and runs macOS Catalina (10.15). The information is MacRumors.

According to MR, it is possible that it corresponds to the speculated 13-inch MacBook Pro with the (reintroduced) scissor keyboard based on the Magic Keyboard – that is, the smaller version of the 16 ″ MBP introduced last November.

Taking advantage of the speculation, it is also expected that such a 13 ″ model will actually become a 14 ″ model (following the steps of the old 15 ″ version), but that also remains uncertain.

Macs and Apple TV record sent to Eurasia

The same record sent to the Eurasian commission also included the Mac Pro (model A2304) in the format intended for racks, which is still unavailable for purchase in the U.S. Finally, Apple updated the registration of some models of Apple TV with tvOS 13 support.

As we know, such records often indicate the imminent launch of new products on several occasions, since they are required for any and all encrypted devices sold in Russia and other countries that make up Eurasia; nevertheless, it may be that Apple is not filing future products, in fact (and we’ve seen it happen before).