Apple registers domain

Apple registers domain

The (public, at least) defense of privacy of the users that Apple crashes every day is nothing new to anyone, but a new domain recently registered by Apple may suggest that the company has even deeper letters up its sleeve for the military in this area.

The website DomainInvesting found that Apple registered, last Monday (4/3), the domain (something like Privacy is The contract is valid for one year and, surprisingly, no one has ever registered this domain before; the address is not yet active and, so far, does not redirect to any page within Apple’s own website.

Elliot Silver’s DomainInvesting, is that Apple will use the phrase “Privacy is Important” as a kind of slogan for some campaign or action, and the domain will redirect to a corresponding page on the Apple website – most likely, the privacy one.

It is possible, if Apple is planning a more comprehensive campaign, that news regarding this will be revealed at the next special event of the company – which, as we have already informed, should happen on the 25th next. It will be?

via 9to5Mac