Apple-registered patent suggests the company is still perfecting wireless charging technology

Contrary to what was expected, the iPhone 7 came without any type of wireless charging technology – which, combined with the infamous 3.5mm jack output, generated complaints from all sides of consumers wanting to use their headphones. wired and charging the device at the same time, plus a very arrogant answer from Phil Schiller.

Hope, however, is the last to die, and if the evidence discovered by the Patently Apple today in US Patent and Trademark Office (United States Patent and Trademark Office) are minimally close to materializing, we may see an iPhone with wireless charging in the very near future.

Apple patent related to wireless charging technology

The patent application requested by Apple does not refer to exactly induction charging technologies; in fact, it has to do with polishing techniques for cylindrical surfaces and curved edges. The patent, however, includes details on how to create a shaped space for a loading device wireless, suggesting that the whole proposal has to do with a device intended for this purpose.

By Apple’s designs, such a device would have a USB-C port through which it would connect to the power source, which could be a laptop or a plug adapter.

It is worth noting that the order was registered in the third quarter of 2015, which may mean that Apple is still working on the best possible way to introduce the technology – we hope that in the near future. On second thought, it would be brilliant to see Tim Cook play Steve Jobs some time from now and announce that the iPhone 7 has had a double life since its launch, supporting the blessed wireless charging without anyone knowing it. Let us dream…

[via MacRumors]