Apple regains 3rd place on the 2019 list

Fortune 500 (2019)

Another year, another presence guaranteed by Apple in the Top 10 gives Fortune 500 (annual ranking with the largest companies in the United States). In 2018, Apple fell one place, ranking fourth; now she has recovered her breath and is back in the top three.

Despite occupying the third place in the general list (which takes into account the billing), if we analyze the profitability, Apple was the champion – well ahead of the second (the financial services conglomerate JPMorgan Chase) and the third placed (Alphabet, parent company of Google).

Focusing on technology companies, Apple is twice the size of Alphabet; Microsoft, Dell and IBM complete the ranking of the top five giants. This is the 37th year in which the Apple participates in Fortune 500 and the 7th in a row that it wins a place among the 10 largest companies in the ranking.

According to the Fortune, Apple saw its turnover vary 15.9%, reaching $ 265.5 billion in fiscal 2018. In addition, the company has assets valued at $ 365.7 billion and approximately 132,000 employees globally.

THE Fortune 500 this year marks the 65th edition of the list. In total, companies in the Fortune 500 they represent two-thirds of US GDP, with $ 13.7 trillion in revenue, $ 1.1 trillion in profits, $ 22.6 trillion in market value and employ 28.7 million people worldwide.

Above the Apple, in the list, are Exxon Mobil (US $ 290.2 billion) and Walmart (US $ 514.4 billion), respectively. See the ranking of the 10 companies that most profited last year:

  1. Walmart – $ 514.4 billion
  2. Exxon Mobil – $ 290.2 billion
  3. Apple – $ 265.5 billion
  4. Berkshire Hathaway – $ 247.8 billion
  5. Amazon – $ 232.8 billion
  6. UnitedHealth Group – $ 226.2 billion
  7. McKesson – $ 208.3 billion
  8. CVS Health – $ 194.5 billion
  9. AT&T – $ 170.7 billion
  10. AmerisourceBergen – $ 167.9 billion

According to an analyst at Fortune, 2018 will be remembered as “the year that Apple reached a market value of $ 1 trillion, as well as when the growth of the iPhone, the company’s biggest product, started to lose momentum”. According to the magazine, Apple’s challenge now is to reposition itself as a service provider, as the hardware market has slowed.

via 9to5Mac