Apple refutes European Union proposal to standardize smartphone connectors

Apple refutes European Union proposal to standardize smartphone connectors

The ironies of destiny… just over a decade ago, Apple positioned itself favorably to standardization of smartphone connectors and gadgets portable across Europe. Now, the company cannot support the idea of ​​something imposed and that «would restrict the innovation of technologies».

I explain: a European Union proposed (again) the creation of a pattern of connectors to obviously make life easier for users. More precisely, the agency requires that all smartphones, tablets, e-book readers and other portable devices use the same type of charger.

However, the Cupertino giant reacted to the EU’s proposal to “reduce waste of accessories” (ironically, the same objective as the proposal created 11 years ago), as reported by The Sun.

According to Apple, the new legislation would have a “negative impact by disrupting the operation of hundreds of millions of devices”, creating an “unprecedented volume of electronic waste”. The company also pointed out that the telephony and mobile devices sector is already migrating to USB-C, so there would be no need to “set a regulatory precedent”.

In fact, such a change is already underway: we currently have the USB-C port on the iPad Pro it is us Macs; we Top-of-the-line iPhones, we have a USB-C to Lightning cable – which beckons to the likely change in this standard across the company’s line of devices in the future perhaps not so far.

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