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Apple redesigns careers page and shows internal company details

Like any large company, Apple has a page dedicated to presenting your job opportunities; it includes information about each of the careers offered and the importance of each of the many areas worked by Ma such as software, design, hardware, marketing and so on.

It is here that some of the smartest and most enthusiastic people in the world create the most innovative products and experiences in the world. Join us and you will do the best job of your life and make a difference in other people's lives.

To further improve communication with its future professionals, the company redesigned its career site, with emphasis on the new videos that offer an insight into the corporate culture of the Cupertino giant.

In addition to the video above, Ma added a new section on the page called “About Apple” (“About Apple”), in which testimonials and other information about the company's operations around the world are presented. According to Apple data for September this year, there are now more than 539 facilities (offices, stores, etc.) in North America; j in South America, the company has 6 official locations (2 of them in Brazil).

As we said, Ma added new videos to show its philosophy from the employees' point of view. On the store page, for example, three were published that cover the history and the perspective of the company's employees on Apple Stores. pages and videos.

via iClarified