Apple Records Nanoparticle Technology That Could Make iPhones More Durable

Apple Records Nanoparticle Technology That Could Make iPhones More Durable

At a time when the (lack of) durability of electronic devices is put in check every day, the company that manages or want Finding a way to make your devices more durable has a very tempting advantage over the competition. Apple seems to know this, as evidenced by this recently filed patent Patently apple.

The technology registered by the invention describes an imperceptible coating of nanoparticles on a given device; Such a layer would be composed of some type of polymer mixed with another element which increases the hardness of the outer layer of the apparatus. This will have two immediate benefits: improved protection against scratches and static damage as well as increased resistance to falls and impacts.

The schematic below shows the action technology on the surface of a device:

Apple's patent for nanoparticle layer that makes devices tougher

Patent Number 20190104625 has been published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) last Thursday (4/4), but your application was made in the second quarter of last year.

The fact that Apple likes to say that the XS / XS Max / XR iPhones have “the toughest glass ever placed on smartphones”, and endurance tests have indicated that Ma's latest handsets do have a capacity (slightly) greater in surviving falls and impacts than its previous generations. But I believe everything will get even better and more noticeable when something like this is implemented.

That this technology does not take long to arrive, anyway?