Apple recommends that DJs wait before upgrading to macOS Catalina [atualizado]

Apple recommends that DJs wait before upgrading to macOS Catalina [atualizado]

THE macOS Catalina 10.15 is now available to all users, and the general recommendation is that if you have a compatible Mac, upgrade as soon as possible – both to take advantage of new system features and to stay on top of all security updates that Apple implement over the next year.

However, at least for a group of users, Apple is recommending to wait before the update: I mean the DJs and other users who use the iTunes XML libraries to organize your music. For now, the general guideline is that these people stay on macOS Mojave – at least until the applications they use are updated to work on the new system.

I explain: since macOS Catalina, the extinction of iTunes brought some side effects – among them, the end of support for XML libraries, files used by certain users to carry information from playlists between applications. Many DJs, especially, are highly dependent on this format, as they use (or used) iTunes to organize their extensive music library and export their lists to other mixing apps, precisely through XML files.

In macOS Catalina, the new Music app uses another, more modern library format to share information from playlists between apps; this format, however, is not compatible with XML files, which can make certain mixing applications “break” with the update for the new version of the system, without the possibility of accessing the user’s music catalog.

As expected, Apple did not let these applications see ships. Developers can update their apps so that they integrate seamlessly with the new macOS Catalina music libraries, but of course not all software is magically updated as soon as a problem arises. Therefore, users who use XML libraries should check that the applications they use are already updated to work in harmony with the new system.

Strictly speaking, Apple has been alerting developers to this issue for years: since iTunes 11, released back in 2014, Apple has already offered an SDK for apps to integrate with the music software library in-depth, without the need to use XML files. Applications that have adopted this SDK, such as djay Pro, work normally with the macOS Catalina Music app – no code changes are required. Other apps, like Serato it’s the VirtualDJ, are already doing tests to adapt to the new technology of the new system.

So stay tuned, therefore.

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Update 10/09/2019 at 16:30

Apparently, advanced users of Photoshop It’s from Lightroom on Mac, you should also exercise caution before upgrading to macOS Catalina. Officially, the latest versions of the software are compatible with the system, but users have found some bugs here and there in their workings.

As the AppleInsider, The Photoshop CC 20.0.6 there is a problem with the “Save as” screen: when changing the format of a file to be saved, the application will not change the extension in the file name automatically; you will have to do it manually.

In addition, some users have faced problems installing plugins, with error messages preventing the process – on the other hand, plugins already installed before the update to Catalina appear to be intact. Adobe lists solutions to some of these problems on this page.

THE Lightroom Classic 8.4.1, in turn, has a minor bug: the camera linking tool (tether) does not detect Nikon models if they are connected after the selection of the connection tool; in this case, just make sure the camera is turned on before activating the feature.