Despite the 2560 × 1440 pixel resolution, the 27-inch iMac does not accept an HDMI signal greater than HD 720p

Apple recognizes that screens of the first 27-inch iMacs can generate yellowish colors

, The Gizmodo was right: some units of the first 27-inch iMacs produced by Apple actually have screens that can generate yellowish colors, something confirmed today by the company. According to the latest reports on the topic, it is already offering technical support to anyone who sees instability in the colors generated by the machines, in addition to having solved the fault during the last pause in its production.

Even with production normalized and without technical problems on the screens or graphics, it is still possible to find defective iMacs abroad, although it is still not certain whether they were produced before or after resumption of deliveries. Anyway, the chances are strong that the new iMacs that will officially arrive in Brazil in the next few days (or even weeks) will be free of known flaws, which is already good news and a sign to expect art.

However, it costs nothing, after you receive a 27-inch iMac, use this website to test the stability of the generated colors.