Apple recognizes small defect on the edges of some Apple Watches Series 3 (GPS)

Apple recognizes small defect on the edges of some Apple Watches Series 3 (GPS)

It is almost a rule: a new product arrives on the market and, soon, some units start to present some defects or imperfections – certainly due to some quality control flaw or a small design error that can be easily corrected later. Some of these problems are widespread and cause severe headaches for manufacturers, such as the #antennagate of the iPhone 4 or the explosive batteries of the Galaxy Note7. Others may be lighter, but that does not exempt companies from liability.

This is the case of this problem detected with some units of the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) (without cellular connectivity – that is, the model that will be sold in Brazil soon). Some owners of the model reported that horizontal marks were appearing at the point of connection between the screen and the edge of the watch, as shown in the photo below. 9to5Mac:

Apple Watch edge defect

As much as the problem does not affect the functioning of the accessory, it is always annoying to see an imperfection in such a new and expensive product; fortunately, Apple itself has already acknowledged the existence of the problem and released a guide of procedures for customers who bring affected units to all employees of its authorized stores and services. The device inspection process includes steps where the customer rubs his finger against the affected portion of the front panel or breathes near the edge of the screen to fog the glass; both can reveal the problem and make the device eligible for exchange or repair.

Naturally, since the Apple Watch Series 3 was released just over a month ago, all affected devices still have a long warranty period ahead of them – meaning Apple will exchange or repair the accessory at no cost to the customer. It is not yet known, however, what will happen if the problem persists to appear even months (or years) after the purchase of the watch; in this case, we will have to wait to see what the future holds.