Apple recognizes compatibility issues between iTunes and Windows Vista

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Apple launched an alert aimed at users of its digital music service, iTunes, recommending not using Windows Vista until some compatibility issues detected by the company have been resolved.

The company guarantees that its music service works properly on many Vista-equipped PCs, but recognizes that in some cases compatibility issues may occur that will be resolved with an update to the software that the company is preparing and should be available in the coming weeks.

The compatibility problems that generated the alert translate into the inability to play songs and videos purchased from the iTunes music store, in addition to difficulties with synchronizing contacts and the calendar.

Microsoft has already commented on the alert from Apple reminding that the company has been working with a very wide range of partners, including Apple, to ensure that at the date of the launch of Vista, possible compatibility problems with the main service providers would be avoided.

Meanwhile, work with Apple remains and according to Microsoft it will only end when the compatibility issue between the operating system and the music service is fully resolved, writes the Associated Press.

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