Apple receives 17 nominations for the Daytime Emmy Awards; “Mythic Quest” special raised $ 600,000 to fight COVID-19

Daytime Emmy Awards

Another day, another wave of news about the Apple TV +!

Shall we go to them?

Daytime Emmy Awards

We have already started with a reason for celebrations in Cupertino: the Apple TV + series collectively received 17 nominations to 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards – more than HBO, Hulu or YouTube.

Daytime Emmy Awards

The Daytime Emmy Awards, it is worth noting, are different from the Primetime Emmy Awards (which are considered the “most prestigious” Emmys). The difference between the two is that the first deals with daytime TV programming, while the second rewards series and reality shows prime time.

The distinction, of course, does not work for a platform of streaming like Apple TV +, but the Daytime Emmy Awards award lighter series and suitable for all audiences, while the Primetime Emmy Awards focus on the “medallions” of the service, with adult nomination.

From the Apple TV + series, «Ghostwriter» was the one that received the most nominations – eight in total, including Photography, Script and Direction of Children’s Program. «Helpsters» has received five nominations, including Best Children’s Preschool Series; «Snoopy in Space», in turn, four appointments.

The Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast on June 26, in a format adapted for the period of social isolation – the winners will be announced remotely, with special participation by audiovisual stars also directly from their homes.

Collection of the special episode of «Mythic Quest»

We have already talked here (twice) about the special episode of «Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet», shot with iPhones directly from the houses of the series’ stars. In addition to continuing the narrative, the episode also had a character beneficent – and that generated a good public engagement, apparently.

Disclosure of

In an interview with Variety, the series creator and star, Rob McElhenney, said the episode raised $ 300,000 in donations to the Mercy Corps COVID-19 fund. McElhenney and his wife then doubled the amount and delivered $ 600k, in total, to the initiative.

Excellent, isn’t it?

Series on the blog Gawker

Meanwhile, it seems that Apple is developing a new production in its basements of audiovisual: a series on the infamous blog Gawker, which for 13 years was one of the main gossip and news portals about the media world – until it was closed in 2016 due to financial problems resulting from the payment of a millionaire compensation.

According to the Vanity Fair, the series was designed by two former editors from Gawker, Max Read and Card Jefferson; they presented the project to Apple and, with the company’s green light, are writing the episodes with other former employees of the site. There is still no more information about the production, but … something interesting can come out of there, huh?

«Helpsters Help You»

Finally, we have another episode of the YouTube miniseries «Helpsters Help You», in which Cody – character from the children’s series «Helpsters» – helps children deal with their feelings and problems from day to day.

In “How To Be Together” («How to be together»), she gives tips on how the little ones can have fun together even if they are physically separated.

Cute, isn’t it?