Apple reaches the million iPhones sold

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Steve Jobs, Apple’s president, had already stated that this month the American manufacturer reached the million iPhones sold, but the brand is finally beaten even before reaching the middle of the month. Apple announced today, 74 days after it started selling the iPhone, which has already sold 1 million devices.

The news is advanced days after the company became involved in controversy following the announcement of a $ 200 reduction in the price of the equipment that reached stores in late June, making the early adopters who wanted to be the first to buy the equipment feel defrauded.

To calm the spirits, the company announced shortly afterwards that it will compensate all iPhone users who had purchased the equipment in the 14 days prior to the announcement of the new price with vouchers of 100 euros, to be spent on Apple products.

Controversy aside, the impact of the discount seems to have had its effects and the company is now announcing that it has reached the mark of one million pieces of equipment sold in less than 3 months of marketing and with the product still on sale only in the United States.

The company also reiterated the goal of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of next year, a number that will already integrate sales in the European market, where the first marketing agreements have been negotiated.

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