Apple Watch Series 4 sensors

Apple reaches agreement with company that sued for Watch’s cardiac sensor

Just over three years ago, we commented here on one of the first lawsuits filed against Apple in 2016: it came from a company called Valencell, which accused Apple of violating its patents with the Apple Watch heart rate sensor. Recently, as reported by the 5K Runner, the imbroglio has been resolved.

Apple Watch Series 4 sensors

In the lawsuit filed three years ago, Valencell accused Apple of having held some meetings with its executives before cutting contact with the company, misappropriating its patents to create what turned out to be one of Apple’s main selling points. Watch: your heart rate sensor, the epicenter of the (huge) medical claims of the device.

Neither Apple nor Valencell commented on the deal officially, so it is difficult to determine how the two companies reached consensus on how to end the dispute. It is not hard to imagine, however, that the Apple has written a fat check to the company – a fact, by the way, highly suggested by the Valencell statement sent to the website 5K Runner:

Valencell’s case against Apple has been closed and neither company will comment on the decision. Then you will have to draw your own conclusions.

Mysterious, aren’t they?

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Apple Watch Series 4

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