Apple quits AirPower and cancels project

Official: After more than a year and a half late, when we thought the product was coming out of the oven, Apple today announced the AirPower cancellation as reported by TechCrunch.

“After much effort, we find that AirPower does not meet our high standards and we canceled the project. We apologize to customers who were excited about this release. We continue to believe the wireless future and are committed to stimulating the wireless experience, ”he said. Dan Riccio, senior vice president of hardware engineering at Apple.

The expectation for the arrival of AirPower was very high in recent weeks: Apple had secured the rights of the brand, a hidden image of it painted on the company's website, there were references wireless charging base in the betas of iOS 12.2 and AirPower even quoted in the box of the new AirPods.

The entire backwardness of the product was, of course, due to technical difficulties Apple faced in developing it. The project was very ambitious: more than 20 electromagnetic coils in a small package, not only recharging three devices simultaneously (iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods), but also allowing them to be positioned "anyway" on the base, without a specific order.

Recent rumors that Apple had finally overcome these deadlocks were no wonder; Many buyers of the new AirPods noted in their cases that all the first batches of the headphones were produced as early as 2018 confirming what Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, said the day they were released. That is, the AirPods themselves were ready months ago; Apple only held the release because it intended to bring them to market with AirPower. The rest is history.

This certainly indicates in my years of coverage of the Apple world a product officially announced in a keynote never coming to see the light of day. Well, at least Apple was honest with us all and didn't even choose to market a product less capable than it was meant to be. Surely that would be more shameful than anything.