Apple pulls Bob Mansfield back from retirement to lead Apple Car project

Apparently we have a new face in the pedestrian way; more precisely in the piece of Ma that is developing the mythical Apple Car. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple called Bob mansfield to take over the "Project Titan" reins and try to get things on track (no pun intended, please).

Bob mansfieldIf memory fails, Mansfield was one of Apple's most prolific and well-liked executives in the past decade. He joined the company in 1999 when Raycer Graphics (the company where he was vice president of engineering) was bought by Steve Jobs on his crusade to bring Ma back to life. Since then, as senior vice president of hardware engineering, he has been one of the key drivers for developing highly popular products such as the iMac, MacBook Air and iPad.

Mansfield announced his retirement in 2012 before hopping from office to Apple, but continued to make occasional visits to 1 Infinite Loop to advise and oversee the company's new projects. Now, apparently, he returns to a full position: according to sources close to the subject who spoke to the WSJ, employees within the Apple car project now respond to it.

Project Titan, as is well known, has had its share of problems. Companies refusing to collaborate, executives leaving leadership, postponements on the likely release date, no one knows for sure what is going on in Apple's automotive field, but it is expected that a mind with experience and familiarity with the deal. modus operandi Ma can help a lot in this endeavor. We'll see.

(via MacRumors)