Apple publishes source code for the iOS and macOS XNU kernel, compatible with ARM processors

Every year, Apple publishes the source code for the Darwin the Unix core of your operating systems.

And she has done it again, now for macOS High Sierra 10.13.

But this year there is significant news.

In the source code of the XNU kernel that Apple published on GitHub, there are both iOS and macOS codes compatible with processors ARM.

On iOS, this is normal; all “A” series processors, created by Apple, are based on the ARM architecture.

But Macs have used Intel's x86 processors since 2006.

Obviously, this may just be Apple taking care and keeping the code ready for a migration that may never happen.

But it is still another indication that she really intends to follow this path, especially with the extraordinary advances we have seen in her chips.

The A11 Bionic, which equips the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X, already surpasses even MacBooks Pro in tests of benchmark.

It is worth noting that this source code published by Apple refers only to the core of operating systems, its kernel and its license is also very restrictive.

Most (interface, frameworks, applications) remains, of course, completely closed and owned.

tip from Ra Siqueira, via TechCrunch