Apple publishes patent on interface between fitness equipment and media players

Apple publishes patent on interface between fitness equipment and media players

Nike + iPod

Apple may not occupy the first place in the registration of new patents (the post belongs to IBM), but no one can deny that the gang in Cupertino is always coming up with new ideas. When Apple realized that iPods are being used en masse in the gym during exercise, it entered into a partnership with Nike to make the products of the two companies even more used.

Last year, Nike stated that it had plans to make fitness equipment compatible with iPods, and it appears that this intention has started to work.

The patent number 20090221404 was published yesterday, which details the integration of iPods / iPhones to moving walkways with touchpads and displays integrated.

The document describes the interaction between fitness equipment and portable music players, and the ability to monitor and record personal information when exercising. With the solution, which also takes advantage of the Nike Plus system, it will be possible to share and compare this data also over the web.

Apple Patent iPod Treadmill

Among the details presented, there are explanations of how the information would be sent to a computer and to a part of the Internet, where the monitoring of progress would take place in a pre-programmed time interval. This website could also collect data from other users, which is particularly useful in a competitive environment.

Apple describes the creation of the patent as a response to the growing use of portable players in people's daily routine, whether at leisure or on a walk or while driving or in sports in gyms.

To record the progress made, people use notebooks, index cards, etc., and this consumes time that is unnecessary, in the company's view, as there are technologies that can automate the process. With the application of the technology presented in the patent, it would be possible to program incentives automatically whenever a new milestone was obtained.

Due to the storage capacity present in these devices, it is necessary to find a simple way to transfer this data to them, which is precisely what is being proposed by the Cupertino engineers.

The patent, registered on September 26, 2008, bears the title: Circuits, methods, and devices that allow sports equipment and others, such as cardiac equipment, to record information on portable players. ” Its inventors are Jesse Dorogusker, Scott Krueger, Lawrence Bolton, Emily Schubert, Gregory T. Lydon, Debbie Lambert, Michael Hailey and Donald Ginsburg.

(Via: 9 to 5 Mac.)