Apple publishes guided tour of iPhones XS, XS Max and XR

Just like it did with iPhone X, Apple took advantage of the day of the launch and recently published, on its YouTube channel, a tour guided by the new iPhones XS, XS Max and XR the latter, of course, has not yet reached the shelves of the world, but there is a record of its functioning since now.

The video itself does not bring anything new to anyone who is already familiar with the functioning and features of the iPhone X, and basically focuses on the interface paradigms of the new devices, which includes the gestures of returning to the beginning, activating multitasking and evoking the Central Control, in addition to camera features (such as Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting), Face ID and Apple Pay.

As is well known, the changes in the interface brought about by the buttonless devices of Incio can generate some confusion for the less chosen users, already accustomed to the pattern that has accompanied the iPhones for ten years since its origin. The videos, therefore, can be a good help if any of your relatives come to ask how to use the new iPhone, just send this link to him. šŸ˜›

Oh, and only as an addendum: itā€™s nice to note that the video is fully set in the corridors of the Apple ParkThen, in addition to the information it contains, we can also admire the bold architecture and the careful ambience of Ma's new ā€œspaceshipā€.

via MacRumors