Apple proposes new group of emojis to better represent people with disabilities

Apple proposes new group of emojis to better represent people with disabilities

Apple a company dedicated to accessibility in all respects, just look at efforts to make your operating systems more user-friendly for users with disabilities with each update or the impressive (and expensive) Apple Park Visitor Center project. But nothing so perfect that we can't improve, is it?

For this reason, Ma today presented to Consrcio Unicode the proposal for a new group of emojis focused precisely on accessibility. The idea of ​​increasing the representation of people with disabilities, as Apple says in the proposal, shared by Emojipedia:

Apple is requesting the addition of emojis to better represent people with disabilities. Currently, emojis offer a wide range of options, but they may not represent the experiences of those and those with disabilities.

In this initial proposal, 9 new emojis are included or 13, if we consider the options for men and women, or 45 if we consider the different skin tone options. Among them, we can see a nice co-guide, A person visually impaired with a cane, one deafness sign by sign language, a person in a wheelchair and prosthetic arms and legs.

The idea, according to Ma, that this is just a starting point and, from it, many new figurines representing people with disabilities be created; For this reason, the company is already partnering with several American associations, such as the American Council of the Blind (for the visually impaired) and Cerebral Palsy Foundation (for people with cerebral palsy) in order to better understand the challenges and desires of these users and to be able to represent them in the best possible way.

Nice, huh? 👏🏻

via TechCrunch