Apple proposes investment of $ 10 million to transport Cupertino, but city hall is not satisfied

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Practicing the good neighborhood policy is fundamental for any person or company – and if you have a massive presence in a city and employ a large part of the local population, it is even more important. Apple has always had good relations with Cupertino, and intends to continue this honeymoon for a long time … if the city allows, of course.

As the Mercury News, the company recently offered the Cupertino municipality a investment of $ 10 million in transport works to the city. The renovations would be specifically focused on five areas, encompassing courses for walking and cycling traffic; we have, for example, an investment of almost US $ 5 million in bike paths between three elementary and high schools in the city.

The initiatives, of course, are not just donations: Apple is making them “counter-proposals” to a bill introduced in the city that would change the tax scheme of local companies. Currently, Cupertino charges companies based there rates based on the occupation area of ​​each company; according to the new proposal, this amount would now be calculated based on the number of people employed by each company.

Since Apple employs 24,000 people in Cupertino alone (a city of about 60,000, it should be noted), this change would bring a huge increase in tax spending for the company – approximately $ 10 million a year, according to the newspaper.

With the investment proposal, Apple intends to postpone the city’s decision to “turn the key” in its tax collection and, at the same time, offer an improvement to Cupertinian citizens. Still, the city is not impressed: Deputy Mayor Liang Chao said she was «disappointed» by the amount offered by Apple, declaring that the $ 10 million will be just the extra revenue obtained from Apple if the tax reform is implemented.

There is criticism, too, of the fact that Apple’s proposals are limited to works for walkways, pedestrian paths and cycle paths, which would not solve the growing problem of congestion in the city. Despite this, Mayor Steven Scharf dismissed the criticisms, saying that there is no need to ask Apple for money for everything:

Apple is interested in improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. It is not as if every problem the city has, we will go to them and ask for money. I think they have decided how much they want to donate.

Cupertino’s chamber will vote on Apple’s proposal soon.

via 9to5Mac