Apple promotes its «Trade In» program for iPhones in new commercial

Apple promotes its "Trade In" program for iPhones in new commercial

Since the end of last year, when rumors of lower than expected iPhones sales started to emerge, Apple has been promoting its program a lot. «Trade In» in the United States and in several other countries where it operates (Brazil is not one of them). At its last financial results conference, the company revealed that the program had a 4x faster pace than normal.

Now, giving the thing even more gas, she ran a commercial focused on the program.

Changing your iPhone is an easy way to do your part for the planet.

Emotively, Apple shows in the commercial that an iPhone that has already been «run» can be easily refurbished and still serve many things in someone else’s hands. When it gets really old, Apple also takes care of recycling it in the best possible way.

Obviously, as there is a “green” footprint involved, the video can also be seen on the Environment page on the Apple website.