Apple projects still in full development, even with quarantine

We’ve already talked about how the HIV pandemic Coronavrus (COVID-19) has affected the daily work of Apple executives and employees, especially in relation to social isolation that have been applied. Today, two reports Bloomberg, another from The Information came to shed more light on these new challenges for Ma’s professionals.

The main problems in relation to isolation and quarantine are obvious: basically all of Ma's most important projects are developed confidentially, requiring the professionals involved to be at their workplaces to advance them in some cases of top secret, including, engineers work with prototypes inside soundproof cameras, where there is no cell phone signal. With everyone working from home, obviously, that kind of thing is impossible.

Still, according to the insider Mark Gurman, project development has not stopped due to quarantine: new versions of HomePod, gives Apple TV, of MacBook Pro, From iPads input, Apple Watch It's from iMac continue to be planned by Ma, directly from the homes of its executives and engineers.

The report also states that the "IPhone 12" another traditional rumor is expected for the traditional launch period (in September, therefore, for those who have not been following it), suggesting that Apple would be “considering” postponing the launch of the device for a few months.

According to the Bloomberg, The iOS 14 it's the watchOS 7 they are also following their normal course of development and should be presented in the middle of the year.

Changes at work

Even so, adapting to remote project development requires several changes. Among them, Apple is seriously restricting employees' access to future versions of products and services; Engineers who need to work from home with software still on the market, such as iOS 14, need to obtain direct authorization from Ma's senior leadership and these approvals are only granted to senior members of the engineering team.

In contrast, more hardware engineers are being released to take home iPhone prototypes, a practice that Apple began to drastically decline after the unforgettable iPhone 4 case forgotten in a bar. Despite this, the production of new prototypes is almost stopped: employees are not able to use 3D printers and other related machines in the company's laboratories, due to the isolation.

THE The Information revealed that Apple has encouraged its employees to use the company's own communication / collaboration solutions, such as FaceTime it's the iCloud Drive; in many cases, however, professionals need to use external services, such as Slack, WebEx and Box, because Ma's tools are focused on the average consumer, not on users and professional practices.

Ma is even holding a contest among its employees to choose the best home office; the company notes, however, that the photos must hide any confidential elements they are working on. Imagine the pineapple if something escapes? 😜

via 9to5Mac